Drinking Soda in a Healthy Diet: How Much is Okay?

drinking soda in a healthy dietIf you absolutely love soda, you may wonder if you can get away with drinking some of it as long as you’re keeping up a healthy diet otherwise. After all, you should be allowed to have some kind of treat when you’re doing very well otherwise, right?

The truth of the matter is that no amount of soda is actually good for you. Ideally, you shouldn’t drink it. That said, the ideal situation is rarely the same as reality. Not every bite (or sip) of everything we have needs to be nutrition-dense. Still, that doesn’t necessarily answer the question of how much is too much when it comes to your sugar cravings. Continue reading

Prepare for Cold Season with These Immune Boosting Weight Loss Foods

immune boosting weight loss foodsWhen you’re trying to eat right in order to lose weight, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up other nutrition based goals, too. For instance, now that cold and flu season are upon us, you might want to make sure you’re giving your immune system everything it needs to be able to keep diseases away or at least make them as mild as possible when you do catch them.

Until now, you may have depended on grandma’s secret soup recipe to blast your way through the cold season. However, that may not be a great idea if every bowl contains more than half of your recommended daily calories. Instead, consider eating a number of healthy and immune boosting foods that will also suit the majority of healthy weight loss diets. Continue reading

Want a Cardio Workout That Makes You Smile? Try These

fun cardio workout that makes you smileDoes the thought of one more cardio workout make you want to climb back into bed and stay under the blankets for another day? Do you find yourself skipping your exercises when it comes to cardio day? If that’s the case, it could be that you’re not combining enough different fun workouts into your routine.

Even the workouts you love the most can become tedious when you do them too much. It’s time to start adding some super-fun, upbeat and motivational workouts into the mix. This might actually make you start to look forward to your cardio days, even if it would be the first time in your life that you do so. Continue reading

Eating Tricks for Maximum Fat Burning All Day Long

eating maximum fat burningWhen you are trying to lose weight, it’s easy to feel as though your progress is doomed to be slow and difficult. However, when you have the right eating tricks on your side, you can actually speed up the process to a certain degree and, even more importantly, you can make sure you aren’t struggling along the way.

It is actually possible to feel happy and positive the majority of the time you’re losing weight. The key isn’t in simply being a happy person. It’s in knowing how to go about your fat burning through the best possible methods.

The following are some of the top tricks you can use to make sure you’re burning the most fat all day long. Continue reading

Benefits of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in Diet Pills

benefits of conjugated linoleic acidConjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a very well regarded ingredient for diet pills. It has a considerable amount of support behind it both from research as well as from happy users who have been able to enhance their diet performance through its supplementation. Though it is in no way a miracle pill that simply causes fat to magically disappear, it is often considered to be among the best options that reality has to offer, since a miracle pill continues to exist only in fiction.

A growing number of studies are showing that it is safe for human use and can contribute to body fat loss in a meaningful way. Continue reading

Use These Methods to Take Control Over Your Holiday Weight Loss Commitment

holiday weight loss commitmentThe time to make a holiday weight loss commitment is right now. The longer you wait, the less prepared you will be to actually follow through with your decision. Weight management is difficult at any time of the year. However, when the holidays are here, you not only have to face the challenges to your own willpower, but you need to do it when temptations and pressure from others are all around you.

Use the following methods to make sure you don’t lose control over your commitment to yourself this holiday season: Continue reading

Lighten Up Thanksgiving Dinner with These Nutritionist Tips

lighten up Thanksgiving dinnerWith Thanksgiving – and, more importantly, Thanksgiving dinner – right on top of us, it’s easy to think that all the progress you’ve made toward your weight loss is doomed. After all, nearly all of us have experienced this struggle year after year for about as long as we can remember. But is this truly the case? Are we destined for setbacks every year, no matter our good intentions?

After all, there are many different courses, recipes, desserts that will be offered to you and every one of them is absolutely delicious. Is it possible to enjoy your meal without finding yourself heavier by the end of it? Not according to some top nutrition and health experts. Continue reading

Benefits of Taking Fitness Supplements to Boost Workout Performance

benefits of taking fitness supplements workoutsWhether you’re trying to train for your first half marathon or are hitting the gym nearly every day in the hopes of building a ripped physique, the topic of fitness supplements is bound to come up. They are exceptionally commonplace in virtually every sport from swimming to cycling and from running to weight lifting.

That said, it’s important to note that fitness supplements don’t just refer to one type of product. This is actually a vast category of products that supplement a range of different types of nutrients, herbs and other ingredients in order to boost your performance and results. Therefore, understanding the benefits that you could obtain from these over the counter products can require a little bit of effort on your part as there are many different forms. Continue reading

3 Steps to Mentally Prepare for Holiday Dieting Struggles

prepare holiday dieting strugglesIs this year going to be the year you get through the entire holiday season without putting on a lot of weight? Do you know what it takes to be able to stop yourself from having to wear larger clothes, feel guilty by the end of the year and force yourself to start a New Year’s weight loss resolution you’re terrified you won’t keep?

What is it that you need to get the job done? Is it the right diet plan? Is it a set of weights? The right running shoes to hit the track? Those are only tools. That said, they’re not the skills or abilities. That’s all up to you.

While you may think of your weight as something physical – and that is true – your weight management is a mental and emotional issue. As a result, your success depends on your ability to mentally prepare for the upcoming holiday season and everything you will experience along the way. Continue reading

How to Avoid Gaining Back the Weight After Reaching Your Goal

When you reach your weight loss goal, you likely feel like celebrating. And you should! You’ve worked hard and have achieved the body weight you wanted. Plus, this means you can stop dieting and go back to your old, comfortable ways, right? Wrong! That’s the top mistake dieters make after reaching their goal weight.

The problem with dieting is that many of us think of it as just that – dieting. We think it’s a temporary activity taken on until we reach a goal and then we can stop doing it. When you think about it, though, that doesn’t make any sense at all. After all, if your old habits are what caused you to gain weight in the first place, then going back to them are essentially a guarantee that you’re going to ruin the results of all your hard work and send your weight right back to where it was. Continue reading