Dieting Around the World: Tips From Various Destinations

Dieting Around the WorldAs is the case with everything dieting around the world can have some surprising and fascinating variations depending on where you go. While more than one in three American adults are obese, being overweight is hardly something that occurs exclusively in the United States.

Some countries, such as Japan and India, have exceptionally low obesity rates. That said, there are other countries where they are considerably higher than the U.S., even within the Americas. This helps to explain why dieting around the world can look very different from one place to the next. Continue reading

Beginners Guide to Steadily Increasing Your Fitness Level

increasing your fitness levelIncreasing your fitness level isn’t something that happens overnight (no matter what that workout gadget ad might promise). You need to be dedicated to a certain level of consistent training if you want to be able to achieve measurable results. Moreover, if you want to be able to keep or continue with your progress, you will need to maintain your efforts.

There are a large number of myths and misconceptions circulating about increasing your fitness level so it’s important to make sure you’re not falling victim to any of them. The majority of the time, being able to improve your body’s fitness is far more straightforward than the majority of us make it out to be. Continue reading

5 Secrets to Staying Slim

secrets to Staying SlimYou’ve worked hard and have changed many of your old habits in favor of new ones that have allowed you to achieve your weight loss goal. This is a very proud time and you should enjoy it. At the same time, your focus now needs to shift to staying slim. Otherwise, you risk experiencing the dreaded yo-yo effect that would bring your weight right back up again, destroying your hard work.

Staying slim doesn’t mean that you need to feel like you’re on a diet forever. However, it is a good idea to keep your weight in mind even if you’re not trying to lose it anymore. Pounds can creep back on when you least expect it, particularly if you allow yourself to return to many of the habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. Continue reading

How to Promote Your Baby’s Healthy Eating Habits

Develop Baby's Healthy Eating HabitsUnlike when a child is much older, a baby’s healthy eating habits are entirely dependent on the person who feeds him or her. After all, it’s not as though your little one can decide you’re just not creating a balanced enough meal and head to the supermarket to buy new ingredients. Therefore, if you want your son or daughter to consume only the most healthful options, then those are the choices you’ll need to make on his or her behalf.

At the same time, it’s important to recognize that a baby’s healthy eating habits don’t stop there. By giving your son or daughter the chance to try many different flavors and by trying to choose the most nutrient dense options, you can help him or her to grow up with a taste for variety and nutritious foods. Continue reading

Work Weight Loss Tips: Dropping the Pounds on the Job

work weight loss tipsWhen you need to lose weight, there are steps that you can take throughout the day in order to achieve your goals. In other words, you do not need to restrict yourself to your workout time to keep burning those calories and that extra fat. In fact, you can incorporate the following work weight loss tips so that you can keep dropping the pounds even when you are on the job. Continue reading

How to Quickly Spot Unhealthy Foods

How to Spot Unhealthy FoodsIf you want to lose weight, steering clear of unhealthy foods will be the key. But sometimes it can be difficult to spot unhealthy foods because they might appear healthy on the surface. So how can you make sure that you are making the right diet choices? Check out the tips below, which will be easy to implement into your daily routine.

Always Read Labels

Whether you are purchasing a plant-based alternative to meat and dairy or you are searching for the perfect snack, always make it a point to read through nutrition facts and ingredients labels on the foods that you are planning on bringing home. Continue reading

Try This Healthy Cold Casserole Dish on Hot Summer Days

healthy cold casserole recipeThe hot weather is here and the right healthy cold casserole dish can instantly become a quick, delicious and nutritious option to make for yourself, your family, or even a backyard potluck. This type of dish, served hot, is very convenient in the wintertime, but it can be equally as good in the summer as long as you serve a chilled alternative.

The ideal healthy cold casserole recipe should be nutrient dense, should be affordable and, of course, be packed with flavor. These are the key components to making sure you’ll not only love how convenient it is, but you’ll adore how great it tastes. Continue reading

Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before You Trust Your Fitbit

Trust Your Fitbit resultsDo you trust your Fitbit so much that you base many of your weight loss choices on the readings it gives you? After learning about the results of yet another major study suggesting that these fitness trackers aren’t very accurate, you may find yourself changing your mind.

To start, it should be noted that the company behind the gadget does tell you that you can trust your Fitbit as a type of tool to give you overall guidance. That said, it does not suggest that it is 100 percent accurate, nor does it equate itself with the precision of medical tools. It is meant to provide you with some general feedback so you can better understand the trends in your activity and calorie intake. Continue reading