Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before You Trust Your Fitbit

Trust Your Fitbit resultsDo you trust your Fitbit so much that you base many of your weight loss choices on the readings it gives you? After learning about the results of yet another major study suggesting that these fitness trackers aren’t very accurate, you may find yourself changing your mind.

To start, it should be noted that the company behind the gadget does tell you that you can trust your Fitbit as a type of tool to give you overall guidance. That said, it does not suggest that it is 100 percent accurate, nor does it equate itself with the precision of medical tools. It is meant to provide you with some general feedback so you can better understand the trends in your activity and calorie intake. Continue reading

Why You Get Headaches and Irritability When Starting a Diet?

Irritability When Starting a DietSide effects such as headaches and irritability when starting a diet is a common and very frustrating occurrence. After all, you finally feel as though you’re making a solid effort for your health and appearance and your body seems to fight back against it.

These types of symptoms such as irritability when starting a diet can make it difficult to keep up your motivation. Think about it. You could continue what you’re doing and feel headaches, fatigue and moody, or you could have that sugar and calorie-packed caramel latte and double chocolate cupcake and feel great. Continue reading

Healthy Dinners for Less Than $5: Try These Valuable Recipes

Healthy Dinners for Less Than $5These days, it can feel like health foods and our wallets are at odds with each other. That said, it is possible to make healthy dinners for less than $5 that are also delicious and filling. The more of these meals you learn over time, the more you can save and afford to cook healthfully on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that healthy dinners for less than $5 aren’t all created equal. For instance, if they’re not filling, you will find yourself feeling hungry and you’ll only end up having to eat more. Eating more drives up the cost of the meal and negates the entire idea of the affordable meal. Similarly, if the meal you choose doesn’t taste very good then you won’t want to make it, which doesn’t save you anything. Continue reading

Top Diet Supplement Ingredients That Offer Real Benefits

Top Diet Supplement IngredientsWhen you are shopping for a diet supplement that will help you slim down in a healthy way, you should know what ingredients to look for. Check out this short list of a few of the top diet supplement ingredients so that you will know exactly what to look for as you evaluate the many weight management products that are on the market today. Continue reading

Top 3 Strangest Medical Procedures to Treat Obesity

Strange Medical Procedures to Treat ObesityObesity is a painful condition that can be very difficult to overcome. Dieting and exercising can mean massive lifestyle changes and can bring on very slow results. This can be frustrating and can mean that a dieter can lose motivation.

This can lead dieters to try any number of other efforts to give themselves an advantage. This can help overcome the struggles with weight loss. These can include everything from diet pills to medical procedures. Continue reading

Why Spinach is So Healthy for Dieters

Why Spinach for dietersThere isn’t a lot of mystery as to why spinach is such a favorite food for people who are trying to boost nutrition in their diets. However, many people have gone beyond their overall health and have discovered that this green leafy veggie is also great while they’re trying to lose weight.

When you really take a closer look at why spinach is a fantastic health food for dieters, it makes a lot of sense. After all, this food is super-packed with nutrients, but contains barely any calories. Continue reading

How to Use TRIMTHIN X700 to Help You Get in Shape

How to Use TRIMTHIN X700 to get in shapeConsidered a top rated thermogenic fat burning aid, TrimThin X700 is an over-the-counter weight management product that you can use to meet your fitness goals. But before you start incorporating this supplement into your daily diet and fitness routine, continue reading to learn how to use TrimThin X700 safely to get the best results.

What to Expect When You Take TrimThin X700


Before we dive into how to use TrimThin X700, let’s hone in on what you should expect from this weight management supplement in the first place. Continue reading

Cannabis and Weight: What You Need to Know ​

Cannabis and Weight LossThe connection between cannabis and weight is one that has caused a certain amount of controversy over the last several years. That said, as this substance becomes more broadly accepted in mainstream culture, many people are choosing to boost their education regarding both the benefits and drawbacks of cannabinoids ad THC.

As much as some of the most common thoughts about cannabis and weight usually has to do with having the munchies and eating something high in calories, this is not the complete picture. The truth is that consuming cannabis may help to reduce insulin resistance. Moreover, it could also improve fasting insulin and enhance the metabolism. Continue reading

10 Ways to Fit Fitness In Your Daily Routine ​

Fit Fitness In Your Schedule It’s no mystery that it’s important to fit fitness in your regular daily life. We all know that it’s vital for our good health, including weight loss, weight maintenance, mental health, heart health, muscular health, skeletal health, digestive health and even avoiding certain cancers. And that’s only the short list of the potential benefits.

However, when our lives are as busy as they are these days, being able to fit fitness in is easier said than done. We have so much going on in our lives that it’s tough to imagine a way to add anything else; particularly something as time consuming as a trip to the gym or a workout class. Continue reading